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Social Art Direction: Julia Fox

Social Copywriter: Shea Sweeney

Social Media Managers: McKenzie Mazzella, Gabi Ramirez

Creative Director: Nicole Koestle

Creative team: Miles Neto, Bongo, Daniel Urbanski

Imagine this campaign concept: Visit Florida rolls out an Airstream across multiple cities in the Sunshine State, asking residents one straightforward question: Why do you love FL? After hitting five cities, we collected over 1000 heartfelt responses, which became the cornerstone of our campaign.


As the lead social art director, I collaborated closely with the creative team, weaving these authentic expressions of love for Florida into our campaign narrative. Together, we aimed to showcase the deep connection and affection the Florida community holds for their beloved state.

Out of the three concepts presented to the clients, this launch reel concept emerged as the clear favorite. It brilliantly captured the essence of Floridians' love for their state by juxtaposing each handwritten sentiment with its corresponding topic. It was the perfect choice to showcase the profound affection and diverse aspects of Florida's allure.

LoveFL on Social Media

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