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Brand USA 

NFL Beer Product Photography

Art Direction: Julia Fox

Photography: Daniel Urbanski

Set Design: Julia Fox, Daniel Urbanski, David Dietz

Studio Assistants: Briera Crockett, Miles Neto

I led a team in art direction and set construction for 9 beers, each celebrating a different NFL team and its city across the United States. Our goal was to showcase the unique characteristics of each city, drawing inspiration from our uniquely designed beer can labels by our in-house creative team. Using a hands-on approach, we incorporated props and iconic elements that represent each city, layering backgrounds and building scenes with paper to bring our vision to life.

We even used natural elements around our office, such as dirt, leaves, twigs and stones. Literally getting down n' somewhat dirty :) 

One of the most delightful aspects of this project was the sheer joy of the hands-on and in-person collaboration with my amazing team.


We reveled in the tangible experience of working together, fostering a sense of camaraderie that infused every creative decision and brought an extra layer of magic to our process.



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