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Dru Cutler's, I am the Sea, music video.

DP: Julia Fox

Talent: @poshandpotions

Crew: Jeff Fox

Studio: Green Slate Studio

Mixed by: @electromancer

Mastered by: @jathompso

I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with a talented musician from New York on his latest release, "I am the Sea," a standout track from his upcoming album. Together, we poured our hearts into this project, meticulously crafting every aspect of its visual storytelling. From conceptualizing intricate storyboards to pushing creative boundaries with green screens, composites, and AI dreamscapes, we embarked on a cinematic journey that beautifully complemented the lyrical narrative of the song.


The result? A captivating visual experience that brings the artist's lyrics to life, immersing the audience in a world of enchanting storytelling and evocative imagery.

This project is making waves! With over 30 thousand views and counting, it's not just the music that's got people talking. Our innovative techniques behind the scenes have sparked a buzz, leaving everyone curious about how we crafted such a mesmerizing video. 🎬✨


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