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Visit Florida

Social Art Direction: Julia Fox

Social Copywriter: Shea Sweeney

Social Media Managers: Mckenzie Mazzella, Gabi Ramirez

As the Lead Social Art Director overseeing Spark's social media account for Visit Florida, I led a collaborative effort with the Lead Copywriter and our Social Media Manager to develop monthly content calendars. Our central objective revolved around crafting strategic content finely tuned to resonate with our target demographic and leverage evolving trends in the industry.


Additionally, our team actively contributed to brand campaigns, fostering a dynamic synergy with our client counterparts. It was an exhilarating experience innovating and crafting engaging content to captivate both out-of-state visitors and local travelers alike.

During our monthly reviews, the content initiatives I led and collaborated on consistently demonstrated outstanding performance, achieving remarkable click-through rates and viewership metrics.


The showcased examples epitomize organic content pieces that truly rocked the charts, with some skyrocketing past the 1 million views mark. They achieved this feat by seamlessly blending trending audio elements with captivating copy, ultimately driving engagement to new heights.

I took the reins in crafting engaging guides for Visit Florida, weaving together fascinating historical tidbits and exciting vacation ideas for their social media audience. Teaming up with our social copywriter, we delved deep into research, cooking up monthly themes that ranged from the best spots for stargazing to epic hiking trails and unforgettable coast-to-coast adventures.

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