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Social Art Director: Julia Fox

Check out some of my personal favorite content pieces I had the pleasure of directing during my tenure at Spark Branding House, alongside my incredible team.


Before Wes Anderson's style became all the rage, I had this awesome idea to craft a video with our crew, capturing that iconic vibe. So, when Anderson-inspired content started blowing up online, I was stoked. Sat down with my social media whiz, and we got down to business, brainstorming ideas the old-fashioned way with notepads and pencils.

Once our concept got the thumbs-up, I teamed up with the studio's creative wizard to plan our shoot. Instead of drowning in digital details, we kept it real, sticking to good old notepads and pencils. The atmosphere on set was electric, filled with laughter and creative energy.

Watching our vision come to life was incredible. Each team member brought their own flair, making it something truly special. And the buzz afterward? Let's just say we couldn't wait to share it online. This project wasn't just about creating content—it was about forging connections and making memories that'll leave a lasting impression.


I had the privilege of spearheading Spark Branding House's social media initiatives, collaborating directly with one of the partners and the company's lead creative director, as well as the lead social media strategist to plan and create the unveiling of our new partners. Among the various announcements we crafted, one stands out as a personal favorite—a testament to our team's creativity and collaboration.

From brainstorming sessions to selecting the most promising ideas, and finally to the exhilarating production phase, this announcement was a labor of love. Despite its seeming simplicity, it posed significant challenges during filming, pushing our team to new creative heights. With the invaluable support of our talented motion graphics designer, we transformed our concept into reality, culminating in a captivating video projected onto the exterior walls of our building—an announcement that reverberated throughout the city, signaling our pride in welcoming the newest addition to our company.


During a team-building event at our company, we engaged in a collaborative learning activity where each team member constructed a duck using identical sets of Legos. The diverse array of ducks that emerged highlighted the uniqueness of each individual and underscored the importance of embracing our differences when working together.

Inspired by this experience, I took the initiative to engage our studios team in a creative endeavor involving our Lego ducks. Despite time constraints, we were determined to make the most of our studio time together. After brainstorming ideas, we were particularly drawn to the concept of shooting through plexiglass and creating a stop-motion animation.

With enthusiasm and creativity in full swing, we embarked on our project. The result? A delightful and Pixar approved stop-motion animation featuring our Lego ducks that captured the essence of our collaborative spirit. It was a fun and memorable experience that reaffirmed the value of teamwork and creativity within our organization.

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