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Julia Fox




create your madness


relish in it. 

Julia is a visual storyteller at heart. She works in a variety of creative elements from art direction, filmmaking, photography, branding, visual identities, graphic design. Her work encapsulates a lullaby of inspirations from a timeless portrait of the past to a surreal sci-fi futuristic world with some psychedelia sprinkled in. 


Julia loves to explore the mind because, to her, the mind has no limits. She enjoys conceptualizing and twisting a story of fiction or non-fiction; the viewer must perceive what they will.

After studying at the University of South Florida and receiving her Bachelors degree in Fine Arts, Julia resides in her hometown of Tampa, Florida, continuing her work as an artist and is currently writing her next screenplay.


"Storytelling, to me, is life that has been transformed to another place, one with a familiar yet unfamiliar world where dreamlike elements appear. Stories may be fact or fiction, but that is the best part about the storytelling process. Without stories... where would we be?"  


Stay groovy,

Julia Fox

photo by Jeremy Scott

 About Julia 
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